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Contact Name David Boggs
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Former Names
Opportunity Workshop of Lexington
Other ways to donate, support, or volunteer
There are various ways to help OWL break down barriers to employment!
 Get involved:We have a couple of events throughout the year that require volunteers and sponsors, such as our Annual OWL Foundation Golf Outing. We also are seeking community members to join our committees or come in to help with mock interviews for our program participants. Please contact our office for upcoming opportunities. 
We accept monetary and in-kind donations. Contributions can be made on our website at www.owlinc.net, at our offices, or by mail.
We welcome any community member that is interested in learning more about who we are or getting involved to stop by for a tour of our facilities.
Financial Summary
Revenue vs Expenses - All Years
Expense Breakdown - Recent Year
Mission Statement
OWL partners with communities to help job seekers overcome barriers to achieve successful employment
Background Statement

It all began when a group of concerned parents wanted to help their bright, yet disabled, children become self-sufficient adults. In 1959 these parents approached the Junior League of Lexington, Kentucky with the idea for a community vocational rehabilitation program. Leaders from both the public and private sectors were intrigued with this project and became involved in the planning. On September 1st, 1961, Opportunity Workshop of Lexington, Inc. (OWL) was established as a non-profit 501c3 corporation. The Junior League presented OWL with $30,000, from their annual horse show, as seed money to begin operations. This ground-breaking community-minded organization began work in a humble 3,500 square feet warehouse in downtown Lexington. From day one, OWL’s vision has been clear. One of OWL’s founding documents reads as follows:

“[To] provide a facility that is a work-oriented Community Rehabilitation Program with a controlled environment and the necessary related services in order that the individuals who have barriers to employment can obtain the required skills to be employed, thus becoming a more fully participating member of our society.”

For over 55 years, OWL has achieved that end.
To date, over 26,000 people throughout Central Kentucky have benefited from OWL’s specialized rehabilitation and employment services. Over 7,000 consumers have participated in OWL's work portion through LMC, which provides competitive first-hand employment experience. For those who have entered into Employment Services, over 3,020 have secured successful employment. In 2012, OWL successfully placed 81 people in employment and in FY 13, 52 consumers were successfully placed into employment situations despite the national economic climate. In 2015, OWL had more job placements than any other agency in the state, according to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. 
Impact Statement
  • OWL has served over 26,000 individuals since 1961 and going strong.
  • Today OWL is spread over four large facilities on Kennedy Road in Lexington, Kentucky with over 81,100 square feet of office, manufacturing, and warehouse space. 
  • Services are provided in all seventeen counties of the Bluegrass Area Development District. 
  • OWL serves consumers from ages 16 to 60+, most of which have not worked in over a year.
  • More than 250 community leaders have served on its volunteer board, providing a wide variety of expertise, perspectives, and support.
  • LMC continually meets ISO-9000 standards and maintains its certification year after year, strengthening its ability to provide competitive jobs to its consumers.
  • All of our vocational rehabilitation and employment services are accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation and Rehabilitation Facilities), ensuring use of latest techniques to teach and train program participants.
  • OWL's manufacturing program, Lexington Manufacturing Center or LMC, has over 30 community partnerships.
  • The OWL Center has the only job training program in Central Kentucky for deaf and hearing impaired people. 
  • OWL recently launched a medicaid waiver program, ACES (Advancing Capabilities and Enhancing Skills)
  • According to OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation) OWL had more 90-day job placements than any other agency in Kentucky in 2015.
Needs Statement
    1. Employers willing to provide individuals with barriers to employment the opportunity to work in their organization.
    2. New contracts with businesses and manufacturing groups which will provide new areas of job training for OWL consumers as it can get. More contracts = more jobs.
    3. Funding to expand new job training programs 
    4. Volunteers to assist program participants in preparing for employment (ex. conducting mock interviews)
    5. Community members to participate on a community to provide feedback and expertise from a diverse range of perspectives
    CEO/Executive Director Statement
    Since 1961, OWL has been serving some of Central Kentucky's most vulnerable populations by providing job training and job placement services. The diversity of projects offered by LMC coupled with the helpful services offered through SEEC and OWL Center provides multiple paths to success for our clients. We serve ages 16-60+ with  multiple combinations of disabilities and other barriers to employment. We welcome your visit to our website and OWL's facilities to find out more about how you can help our cause. -David Boggs
    Board Chair Statement

    As OWL enters its next 50 years, the organization, staff, and associates have a tremendous history to build on.Thousands of Kentuckians have benefited from the outreach efforts of OWL, --- not just those who use its job training and placement services. OWL does more than just provide training and jobs, it provides livelihoods for individuals and families. OWL changes lives which is why its staff, Board, and volunteers passionately serve this organization.  The entire OWL organization continues to respond to local needs and economic conditions by developing and tailoring services with vocational evaluations, employment consulting, and job training that better serves our clients and the community. Fifty years from now OWL will still be reaching out to Kentuckians with barriers to employment, and still providing livelihoods for families across the state. -Gary Kiesler

    Service Categories
    Secondary Organization Category Employment / Job Training
    Tertiary Organization Category Education / Educational Services
    Geographic Areas Served
    Fayette County
    Estill County
    Boyle County
    Franklin County
    Jessamine County
    Madison County
    Mercer County
    Powell County
    Scott County
    Anderson County
    Woodford County
    Clark County
    Harrison County
    Bourbon County
    Garrard County
    OWL weekly serves 17 counties included in the Bluegrass Area Development District which is located in Central Kentucky. However, sometimes we are requested to serve clients with specific needs in additional counties.
    Impact Questions
    GoalsHelpWhat is the organization aiming to accomplish? This is the organization's ultimate goal for intended impact.
    Our main objective is always to create a world without barriers to employment and help people reach their vocational goals.
    Increasing the number of people OWL can service through counseling, education, coaching, and job training is one goal. Another is increasing the number of businesses that use the Lexington Manufacturing Center (A division of OWL) for their manufacturing needs.
    CapabilitiesHelpWhat are the organization’s capabilities for doing this? What resources, capacities, and connections support its progress towards long-term goals?
    OWL's largest resource for accomplishing our goal is people. Our dedicated staff  are talented professionals that strive daily to eliminate barriers to employment. The exciting new program, ACES, has allowed OWL to hire more individuals specialized in their area to increase the number of people we can serve and diversify the ways we can serve them. In addition to the new ACES program positions, there are two other new positions- Communications and Special Projects Coordinator as well as Job Developer, who each assist in building mutually beneficial relationships between OWL and the community to both gain support and recognize opportunities for growth and improvement. In essence, these new positions and the new program will increase the number of people OWL can serve and increase overall community support in terms of how many people we can place in outside positions, the financial support we receive, and an increase in awareness.
    IndicatorsHelpHow will the organization know if it is making progress? What are the key qualitative and quantitative indicators against which the organization assesses its progress toward its intended impact?
    OWL will know that it is making progress because there will be quantitative data to support it. An increased number in program participants, in successful ob placements, in business partners, and in funds raised to be used to expand and improve OWL's services. 
    Qualitatively, OWL requests feedback and survey responses from business partners and program participants.
    ProgressHelpWhat has and hasn’t been accomplished so far? OWL's most recent major accomplishment is adding ACES 
    (Advancing Capabilities and Enhancing Skills) to the programs that are offered is one way we are expanding the ways we serve our program participants. This program allows OWL to offer individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live a rich and full life and help them reach their personal as well as professional goals. 
    Board Chair
    Board Chair Mr. Mark Hester
    Company Affiliation Valvoline
    Term July 2017 to June 2018
    Board Members
    Mr. Phil Blandford CintasVoting
    Mr. Joe Clabes Kentucky Philanthrophy InitiativeVoting
    Ms. Marilyn Clark Fayette County Public SchoolsVoting
    Mr. Johnathon Davis JT Davis Asset ManagementVoting
    Mr. John Gilles MMI of KentuckyVoting
    Mr. Mark Hester ValvolineVoting
    Mr. Wesley Holbrook Lexington Fayette Urban County GovernmentVoting
    Ms. Andi Johnson Commerce LexingtonVoting
    Mr. Bradley King PNC BankVoting
    Mr. Mark Manuel BCTCVoting
    Ms. Sarah Mattingly Dinsmore & Shohl LLPVoting
    Mr. Ken Michul The Webb CompaniesVoting
    Mr. Billy Spears LexmarkVoting
    Ms. Cathy Stafford Ad Venture PromotionsVoting
    Mr. Christy Trout Trout Law Office PLCCVoting
    Board Demographics - Ethnicity
    African American/Black 2
    Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
    Caucasian 13
    Hispanic/Latino 0
    Native American/American Indian 0
    Other 0 0
    Board Demographics - Gender
    Male 10
    Female 5
    Unspecified 0
    Board Term Lengths 2
    Board Term Limits 2
    Board Meeting Attendance % 64%
    Written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
    Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
    Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 87%
    Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100%
    Constituency Includes Client Representation No
    Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 5
    Board Co-Chair
    Board CoChair Mr. Mark Hester
    Company Affiliation Valvoline
    Term July 2016 to June 2017
    Standing Committees
    Program / Program Planning
    Special Events (Golf Tournament, Walk / Run, Silent Auction, Dinner / Gala)
    Strategic Planning / Strategic Direction
    CEO Comments

    OWL has been running strong for over fifty-years now and has much to be proud of. Thousands of Kentuckians have benefited from the variety of programs we offer to our consumers. Those who have been impacted by OWL’s services become successful members of our community and, in turn, positively impact their own families and loved ones as a byproduct of their accomplishments. More than simply providing job training and placement, OWL provides livelihoods. OWL is run by staff, board, and volunteers who passionately believe in the mission and work of the organization. It is our hope that during the next fifty years, OWL will become even more actively engaged in improving the lives of Kentuckians. Through your support lives across our state, and society by extension, will be greatly enriched. -David Boggs, March 2014

    CEO/Executive Director
    Executive Director Mr. David I Boggs
    Term Start Mar 2007
    Email dboggs@owlinc.net
    Education Superintendent of Schools Certificate, Eastern KY University, Richmond, KY, 1997
    Rank I (5th yr.) Education Administration Certificate, Eastern KY University, 1982
    M. A. Music Education, Eastern KY University, Richmond, KY, 1978
    B.M.E.D. Music Education, Evangel University, Springfield, MO, 1976
    United States Office of Community Services Grant Reviewer (2009)
    United States Department of Education Federal Grant Reviewer (2006)
    Co-founder of KY Faith Based Coalition (2009)
    Implemented Opportunity for Work and Learning Foundation (2007)
    Presenter at regional/state educational and church conferences (on-going)
    Initiated the establishment of a YMCA Center in Dawson Springs (2003)
    Appointment to Kentucky Education Commissioner’s Supt. Advisory Commission (2002-04)
    Formed Judson Jenkins Learning Center for adult education classes
    - President/CEO March 2007 to Present Opportunity for Work and Learning Lexington, KY
    - Program Consultant 2004 to Present Professional Memberships
    - Kentucky Colonel Rotary Club of Lexington KY
    -Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA)
    - Commerce Lexington Kentucky Faith Based Coalition Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
    - Community Engagement/Volunteerism
    - ConnectKentucky (Advisory Team)
    - Dismas Charities (Community Relations Board Member)
    - Bluegrass Reentry Council (Government Relations Committee)
    - Franklin County Champions/Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Council (Board Member)
    - Kentucky Association of Community Employment Services (Vice-Chairman)
    - University of Kentucky Graduate Program to Rehabilitation Counseling (Advisory Committee)
    - KY State Government Office of Faith Based Initiatives Planning Committee (Cabinet for MHMR)
    - First Assembly of God Church (Member and Adult Sunday School Teacher)
    - Bluegrass Area Development District (Human Services Advisory Committee)
    - Georgetown-Scott County Chamber of Commerce (Economic Development Committee)
    Full Time Staff 11
    Part Time Staff 2
    Volunteers 0
    Contractors 0
    Retention Rate 79%
    Management Reports to Board? Yes
    Staff Demographics - Ethnicity
    African American/Black 78
    Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
    Caucasian 118
    Hispanic/Latino 5
    Native American/American Indian 1
    Other 0 0
    Staff Demographics - Gender
    Male 121
    Female 84
    Unspecified 0
    Former CEOs
    Mr. John Adams July 1995 - Mar 2007
    Mr. Ron Hampton Sept 1961 - June 1995
    Senior Staff
    Title Director, OWL Center
    Title Director, Lexington Manufacturing Center
    Title Controller
    Title ACES Program Director
    Formal Evaluations
    CEO Formal Evaluation Yes
    CEO/Executive Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
    Senior Management Formal Evaluation Yes
    Senior Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
    NonManagement Formal Evaluation Yes
    Non Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
    CEO Comments With regards to staff, OWL employs 12 full-time and 2 part-time staff members to run our organization. It should be noted that we employ 50-70 individuals who work within our facility to gain job training and experience.
     Lexington Manufacturing Center (LMC) is a for-­‐profit company owned by OWL that provides a variety of manufacturing services on the local, national, and international level. LMC not only offers quality manufacturing services, but partners with OWL's vocational rehabilitation and employment services to provide a training ground for program participants to earn income, hands-on experience, and skills training while completing their program.
    • Labeling
    • Repackaging
    • Custom Packaging
    • Scale Count
    • Shrink Wrap
    Material Handling
    • Inspection
    • Sorting
    • Reworking
    • Inventory Management
    • Installation
    • Fabrication
    • Sub-­Assembly
    • Final Assembly
    • Functionality Testing
    • Reworking
    • Kitting
    • Customer warehousing
    • Distribution and Fulfillment
    Custodial Services
    • Building Maintenance
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Commercial Cleaning
    • Recycling (EPA standard)
    • Custom Industrial Wooden Containers
    • Customized Wood Items

    LMC’s Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001:2008 (certificate #CC2067-025310). They are also quality assured by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

    Budget 2,940,710
    Category Employment, General/Other
    Population Served , ,
    The OWL Center's primary focus is to assist individuals with barriers and/or disabilities obtain and maintain jobs in their community. All participants work with an Employment Counselor on a one-to-one basis to develop job seeking skills, receive job search assistance, and job retention follow-up. Other services to assist the job placement and retention process include Life Management Classes which teach skills such as problem solving, budgeting, anger management, communication skills, and basic work behaviors. Computer Classes teaching basic computer training in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and internet literacy are offered.
    OWL Center operates a Forklift/Materials Handling Certification Program which is an industry-based training program that offers classroom and work experience in LMC. Transitional Work Experience is an opportunity offering paid work assignment in LMC for up to 15 weeks. They also offer a Customer Service Representative Certification program that combines nationally-recognized software with classroom instruction. 
    Budget 415,020
    Category Human Services, General/Other
    Population Served , ,
    Examples of Program Success

    SEEC provides vocational assessments and comprehensive vocational evaluations. These services can result in better job retention and higher job satisfaction among both employees and employers alike. 

    Budget 415,020
    Category Human Services, General/Other
    Population Served , ,
    Examples of Program Success
    Description ACES is a Medicaid waiver service provider that assists  individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities lead rich and full lives. Individuals receiving supports from the Michelle P. and Supports for Community Living Waivers qualify for services. Services include Community Access, Community Living Supports, Positive Behavior Support, Supported Employment, and Personal Assistance. 
    Population Served , ,
    Program Comments
    CEO Comments
    Having served the community for 55 years, we are excited about the future of OWL as we prepare for our next 55 years. The economy has dealt us a blow, as it has many community benefit organizations, but we are on the road to recovery. We invite you to visit our website or our facilities and see the life-changing work that goes on at OWL. We appreciate your comments, suggestions for improvement and, of course, your support in helping to change lives across Kentucky.
    -President/CEO, David Boggs 
    Plans & Policies
    Organization has a Fundraising Plan? Under Development
    Organization has a Strategic Plan? Yes
    Years Strategic Plan Considers 4
    Date Strategic Plan Adopted June 2011
    Management Succession Plan? Yes
    Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
    Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
    Whistleblower Policy Yes
    Document Destruction Policy Yes
    External Assessments and Accreditations
    Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) - Employment and Community Services2011
    Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling Recognition AwardUniversity of Kentucky2009
    Revenue vs Expenses - All Years
    Expense Breakdown - Recent Year
    Fiscal Year
    Fiscal Year Start July 01, 2014
    Fiscal Year End June 30, 2015
    Projected Revenue $3,446,671.00
    Projected Expenses $3,509,202.00
    Spending Policy Income Only
    Detailed Financials
    Revenue and ExpensesHelpFinancial data for prior years is entered by foundation staff based on the documents submitted by nonprofit organizations.Foundation staff members enter this information to assure consistency in the presentation of financial data across all organizations.
    Fiscal Year201620152014
    Total Revenue$2,793,547$3,433,216$3,328,715
    Total Expenses$3,056,543$3,502,179$3,389,309
    Revenue Less Expenses($262,996)($68,963)($60,594)
    Revenue SourcesHelpThe financial analysis involves a comparison of the IRS Form 990 and the audit report (when available). Revenue from foundations and corporations may be included in individual contributions when not itemized separately.
    Fiscal Year201620152014
    Foundation and
    Corporation Contributions
    Government Contributions$0$0$0
    Individual Contributions$499,650$489,818$374,961
    Investment Income, Net of Losses$17,129$10,749$12,908
    Membership Dues$0$0$0
    Special Events$0$0$0
    Revenue In-Kind$0$0$0
    Expense Allocation
    Fiscal Year201620152014
    Program Expense$2,540,497$3,081,511$2,921,646
    Administration Expense$516,046$420,668$467,663
    Fundraising Expense$0$0$0
    Payments to Affiliates------
    Total Revenue/Total Expenses0.910.980.98
    Program Expense/Total Expenses83%88%86%
    Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%0%0%
    Assets and Liabilities
    Fiscal Year201620152014
    Total Assets$2,812,222$2,980,372$3,215,320
    Current Assets$637,228$712,692$779,507
    Long-Term Liabilities$550,868$557,386$641,550
    Current Liabilities$384,912$277,892$351,229
    Total Net Assets$1,876,442$2,145,094$2,222,541
    Form 990s
    2016 Form 990
    2015 Form 990
    2014 Form 990
    2013 990 2013
    2012 990 2012
    2011 990
    2010 990
    2009 990
    2008 990
    2007 990
    Capital Campaign
    Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
    Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? No
    State Registration Yes
    CEO Comments
    The recent national economy has placed an extreme hardship on all community rehabilitation programs. In addition to the national economy, one major project accounting for nearly 80% of OWL's income left our facilities and moved out of the country in 2007. Since then we have added significant projects accounting for this loss and have been improving our financials at a slow but steady rate.  In FY12 we had a positive financial year with additional projects anticipated to launch in the near future. These new job placement programs will assist in revenue generation in the OWL Center. -David Boggs, Reflecting on FY12
    Foundation Staff Comments The auditor issued an unqualified opinion or each year presented with the exception of the accounting treatment of the organization's wholly owned subsidiary. The organization has chosen to not consolidate the operations of the wholly owned subsidiary.
    Address 650 Kennedy Rd
    Lexington, KY 40511
    Primary Phone 859 254-0576 212
    Contact Email dboggs@owlinc.net
    CEO/Executive Director Mr. David I Boggs
    Board Chair Mr. Mark Hester
    Board Chair Company Affiliation Valvoline