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Nonprofit Partnership for Successful Schools
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Partnership for Kentucky Schools
Other ways to donate, support, or volunteer
One to One: Practicing Reading with Students welcomes support in many forms but financial support is the best gift: $500 to $1000 will supply toolkits for coaches, books for students and/or training sessions for volunteers. $2,000 to $5,000 will bring One to One on board in several schools or small school districts; $6,000 to $10,000 can support a large district's implementation from recruiting to training to toolkits, books and celebrations; $11,000 to $20,000 will allow us to bring on multiple schools and school districts with an information campaign that helps reading well through One to One become the "cool" thing to do; $21,000 to $50,000 would help us ramp up and maintain One to One for multiple years throughout communities and regions across Kentucky.
We also depend on in-kind donations, currently we can use website building, books, printing support, room space, videography services, sharing our story in public relations outlets. We are always recruiting and need volunteers - as we have students and schools waiting - the best gift to students is those who become their literacy coaches. Translating support, those who can work with us on communication informally and formally to our non English speaking families is also a need.  Employers willing to accept the Columbia Gas challenge can help support us financially or as visible partners. 
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Mission Statement
The Partnership for Successful Schools seeks to:
 -Identify gaps in Kentucky's education system through formal and informal research, then 
 -Convene partners - individuals, agencies, organizations, employers and influential voices to
 -Identify and implement solutions alongside and in support of our communities schools, teachers and students so that
 -Kentucky students have access to the best possible education. 
Background Statement In 1990, the CEOs of Ashland, Humana and UPS laid the foundation for formation of the Partnership for Kentucky Schools who's mission was to generate understanding of what education reform meant and what support should look like across communities. Since that time the Partnership for Successful Schools (PFSS) as it is now known has continued its legacy of finding gaps in our education system through formal and informal research efforts; convening partners, stakeholders and influential voices to find solutions and then, work alongside communities to help implement them in classrooms and schools across Kentucky. Supporting student and family pathways to life readiness is a key cornerstone of each of our projects and initiatives. In addition to its signature projects PFSS representatives serve on task forces, participate in statewide agendas and issue exploration, help prepare policy and advocate for initiatives that support students, teachers and families.
Impact Statement
Signature Projects: The Yellow Bus Caravan traveled across Kentucky communities, informing citizens on how to support education, building common understanding and motivating partnerships. Safe and Welcoming Schools created and shared tenets for safe schools, recognizing those that got it right. Turn Up the Volume on the Student Voice laid groundwork on how schools should solicit student voices to impact and inform education leadership. Teachers Teaching, supported by Annie E. Casey and the Pew Charitable Trust, helped schools help teachers, by identifying and reinforcing skill sets that maximized student outcomes and learning. One to One: Practicing Reading with Studentrecruits and trains volunteers to become true literacy coaches - supporting struggling readers by building skills and inspiring confidence. Eighty-five to 90% of students make measurable gains in reading. More than 400 coaches are working in KY with students and schools in line. The Kentucky Scholars Initiative engages community leaders to help motivate students to take the kinds of courses and be involved in the experiences that best prepare them for life after graduation. More than 25 districts have implemented some form of KYSI.  RoadMap to Success, created in response to feedback that we need to make better sense of college and career readiness, offers "markers for success" from early childhood through high school to help families understand how to support the journey. An RMTS website and printed"maps"are available to all who advise students. CONNECTIONS, a concept in progress is working to support counselors as they advise students on life readiness. Anchored by a KY YouTube channel devoted to college and career resources, CONNECTIONS also seeks to link students to employment opportunities in their back yards. Future goals include the One to One Triangle - completing literacy modules in math and finances for elementary students through "Math Matters" and "Money Counts."
Needs Statement Thanks to Fayette County's renewed focus on literacy and reading One to One is poised to make significant contributions to our students, teachers and schools but to do that we must grow beyond our team of 100 coaches so we can serve the those students and schools who are ready and waiting. Because One to One supplies all materials for our coaches, the most pressing needs we have include: 1. $100,000 that will support expansion across Kentucky schools, help print our notebook toolkits, purchase books, games, supplies and bags for our coaches, produce and staff training sessions - including equipment, video production support and, creation of a web page/site where volunteers can connect and exchange ideas and create a public relations awareness campaign. 2. Volunteers - up to 100 who are willing and able to participate in a 3 hour training session, follow up sessions and work with students once weekly for 35 to 45 minutes. 3. A public relations campaign and/or challenge that will help motivate employers and other stakeholders to get on board and make reading well the "cool" thing to do.
Service Categories
Secondary Organization Category Community Improvement, Capacity Building / Alliances & Advocacy
Tertiary Organization Category Public & Societal Benefit / Citizen Participation
Geographic Areas Served
The Partnership works across Kentucky communities to help its students have access to the best education possible but in so doing is also is engaged and participates in national education forms, organizations and agendas.
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. Dale Brown
Company Affiliation Western Kentucky University
Term June 2012 to June 2020
Board Members
Mr. Dale BrownWestern Kentucky UniversityVoting
Ms. Carolyn Witt JonesPartnership for Successful SchoolsVoting
Mr. Spencer NoeGess Mattingly & Atchison, PSCVoting
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Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 3
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 The board has only 3 members
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Male 2
Female 1
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 4
Board Term Limits 4
Board Meeting Attendance % 100%
Written Board Selection Criteria? No
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? No
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 0%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 3%
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 2
CEO/Executive Director
Executive Director Ms. Carolyn Witt Jones
Term Start Jan 1990
Experience Carolyn Witt Jones served as a professor at Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY for ten years, then with the Fayette County School system for 15 years as a teacher and in several administrative roles, guiding curriculum and instruction. Her background revolves around literacy and teaching. CEOs of Ashland Inc., UPS and Humana recruited Carolyn to help spearhead and create the Partnership for Kentucky Schools to help create partnerships, engage support and grow understanding of what supporting education looks like. The CEOs endowed the Partnership, now for "Successful Schools" to that end. Carolyn has worked alongside teachers, administrators, business, community leaders, legislators, researchers and others to help cement the Partnership's reputation for and legacy of identifying gaps, convening partners, finding and implementing solutions in schools, classrooms and communities across Kentucky.
Full Time Staff 2
Part Time Staff 0
Volunteers 3
Contractors 1
Retention Rate 100%
Management Reports to Board? Yes
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African American/Black 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 2
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
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Male 0
Female 2
Unspecified 0
Formal Evaluations
CEO Formal Evaluation Yes
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Yes
NonManagement Formal Evaluation No
Description One to One: Practicing Reading with Students was born when Ashland Oil CEO, John Hall wanted to help identify more meaningful ways for employers and others to support schools and students. Created by teachers and literacy experts, One to One recruits and trains volunteers to become true literacy coaches so they can support struggling readers. Because One to One requires its volunteers to be trained, students get help where they need it most. Coaches meet with students for 35 to 45 minutes weekly and then celebrate at the end of the year. More than 300 coaches are working in Kentucky, schools - 100 of those in Fayette County. Eighty five to 90% of our struggling readers make significant literacy gains but better still form important mentoring relationships with their coaches.
Budget 50000
Category Education, General/Other Literacy
Population Served Children Only (5 - 14 years), At-Risk Populations, Families
Program Short Term Success Short term successes: Recruiting schools, students and volunteers to round out the One to One components. During the upcoming remains school year and over summer months we will add at least 25 new volunteers, two new elementary school participants and 25 new coaches. We will conduct the appropriate number of training sessions - at least six volunteers per session. Success will also be measured by enhanced and tightened training sessions with new video supports and input.
Program Long term Success One to One measures its success formally, through review of KY testing module scores and informally, with input from teachers and schools on how the student demonstrates enhanced reading, renewed confidence and other markers of success and, feedback from coaches on how best practices are impacting outcomes. Eighty five to 90% of One to One students make measurable gains in reading. Reading well forms a cornerstone of academic, work and life success. Those who read well do well across subjects and throughout their school years. Support for families, especially those of poverty and at risk, means the value of One to One spreads exponentially, creating a culture of learning and growth. Partnerships with employers, civic and other entities around One to One signal healthy communities, now and in the future. 
Program Success Monitored By One to One works because it relies on test results, feedback from teachers and support from schools who believe in it's approach. KY MAP testing modules typically administered three times yearly are reported and shared with our coaches. During the year, every coach communicates with teachers on how each student is receiving coaching and performing in reading situations. Each coach completes periodic reviews of topics they are working on and skills they are focusing on during coaching sessions. 
Examples of Program Success Test results from KY MAP and other testing modules, which are changed occasionally, demonstrate 85 to 90% of One to One students make significant gains in reading and related scores. Support from teachers and schools also tells us that this targeted approach works - because they recognized success in student confidence and overall demeanor. 
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Organization Policy and Procedures Under Development
Nondiscrimination Policy No
Whistleblower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Yes
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Revenue vs Expenses - All Years
Expense Breakdown - Recent Year
Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Start July 01, 2018
Fiscal Year End June 30, 2019
Projected Revenue $85,000.00
Projected Expenses $60,000.00
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Fiscal Year201720162015
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Government Contributions$0$135,000$90,000
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Fiscal Year201720162015
Program Expense$83,139$85,287$79,611
Administration Expense$704$115$9,334
Fundraising Expense--$0$0
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Program Expense/Total Expenses99%63%88%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue------
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Fiscal Year201720162015
Total Assets$152,037$235,880$186,882
Current Assets$152,037$235,880$186,882
Long-Term Liabilities$26,612$26,612$26,612
Current Liabilities$5,400$5,400$6,000
Total Net Assets$120,025$203,868$154,270
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CEO Comments
The Partnership for Successful Schools (PFSS) has for more than twenty years identified gaps in our education system, convened partners to find solutions and then worked alongside communities to put them to work in classrooms and schools. To do this we have been and had amazing partners. One of those partners, the Kentucky Department for Education (KDE) has unfailingly and annually supported our work, keeping PFSS as a key external partner for more than 18 years - in multiple projects that mirror our state's goals. This pattern was on track for 2016/17/18 thanks to a contractually affirmed renewal of funding and our understanding that all was on track. We moved forward with our work, relying on the promised funding, historically reaching us well after approvals have been made. Thanks however to what appear to be shifts in structure and environment the promised funding never arrived. At this juncture, we hope and intend to renew this valuable partnership but until that time we are faced with the challenge of replacing that revenue stream. Thanks to its reputation as an initiative that produces results and fosters deeply positive mentorships, One to One offers the opportunity to match many types of funding criteria, grant targets and corporate sponsorships. We are then working to bolster its base of support through applications such as this one and in other arenas. 
The One to One approach is ripe for extension via One to One "Math Matters" and One to One "Money Counts". Training volunteers in various areas of literacy means student time out of the classroom is well spent and productive. It's tenets translate well into One to One: Math Matters - whose foundation has already been formulated - and in One to One: Money Matters, which would bolster KY's recent attention to financial literacy and the mandate that all high school students take some type of money based courses. Many stakeholders want to begin financial learning in elementary years, opening the door for this third leg of the One to One triangle. 
The Partnership is committed to exploring every opportunity in support of One to One and our other signature agendas. 
Address 400 E COLLEGE ST
GEORGETOWN, KY 403241628
Primary Phone 859 321-6512
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Carolyn Witt Jones
Board Chair Mr. Dale Brown
Board Chair Company Affiliation Western Kentucky University