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Address 215 Christopher Lane
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Phone (859) 312-7655
Contact Name Patricia Friend
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IRS Ruling Year 2007
Other ways to donate, support, or volunteer website has Paypal. Checks can be mailed to 215 Christopher Lane, Nicholasville, KY 40356. Workers are needed at Headquarters for library, working with horses to groom and feed; Skype for veterans & military family communication. We are starting up a funeral hearse trike service statewide.
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Mission Statement
Our mission is to keep bright the memory of all who have served in the military, past, present and future. We are dedicated to bring honor, dignity and tradition to military funeral services in the central Kentucky area. We enhance the funeral services by leading a horse-drawn caisson as we bring the deceased to the communal shelter. The various visiting military details/honor guard units fall in behind, then the riderless horse and his handler come in at the rear. We are privileged to escort veterans, military and KIAs the final few steps to their final resting place.
The use of the horses and wagons is because of the history of Camp Nelson, which was the 2nd largest Union Army Supply Depot in the U.S., and is the only pristine site remaining. The Camp Nelson Historic/Archaeological District has, in 2013, been designated as a National Historic Landmark.Tens of thousands of wagons/ambulances, and other horse-drawn equipment was assembled at Camp Nelson. After the Battle of Richmond, eyewitnesses said the wagon trains, returning with the dead and wounded, was five miles long.
Burials began after the battle of Richmond, was extensive after the Battle of Perryville, and continue to the present. Because it is a National Cemetery, veterans are brought from many states. 
It is our Kentucky heritage tied to present-day military protocol.
In essence, the Camp Nelson Honor Guard has always been about:
helping to create a memory in the public's consciousness, to show how selfless soldiers are;
offering a sense of closure to family and friends;
bringing an element of ceremony, connected to our unique heritage;
leaving a memory that will lie within a person's heart to bring solace and comfort;
aiding the living -- by furthering education, civic activities and historic preservation.
We welcome volunteers to come to headquarters. We are looking for volunteers to help with the library, and Annual Events: Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Wreaths Across America, others. 
Background Statement

After September 11, 2001, the leadership at Camp Nelson National Cemetery mentioned the need for a volunteer Resident Guard.

Working with American Legion Man O War Post 8, who has a regional Honor Guard rifle detail in place, work was begun to build an equine unit, to replicate military funeral rites that ceased there during the late 1940s. Using equipment parts dating from the 1860s, plans from historic equipment and protocol learned on-site at Arlington National Cemetery, horses were added. Light artillery pieces were built. We presently use a handbuilt replica of an 1849 mountain howitzer. 

In 2014, a project for a funeral hearse trike, custom-built, roadworthy and available across the state of Kentucky, for veterans, military, and motorycycle enthusiasts, has begun.
Impact Statement
Served during the Memorial Day Weekend at Camp Nelson National Cemetery, where 21,000 visitors came over 4-day weekend. We serve at Veterans Day in November each year. We serve on the National Cemetery's veterans committee, which plans annual events.
Got a new driveable Caisson fabricated. 50 brass Stars are inscribed/embedded in the flooring of caisson. Camp Nelson Honor Guard members will be able to drive to the National Cemetery, rather than walk 2 miles round trip, saving their energy to do funeral services. 
Continued serving by performing with visiting military units and honor guards as we have done since 2001.  Acquired 3 new horses; started their training..
Traveled to Fort Knox, taking several DAV members to visit.
Formed a Hall Community Task Force, which will further understanding about the community of Hall (Ariel, Kentucky), which is on the Kentucky River Palisades, Area is now part of the National Park Service's Network to Freedom, part of the Underground Railroad.
We continued restoration of a circa 1885 house. Worked with many volunteer service organization, visitors to the area, school and church groups, others. 
We,  with the Kentucky Patriot Guard Riders, have taken responsibility for Wreaths Across America event. This is an international event, with 850+ locations across the nation and beyond, to 'remember, honor, teach' about our nation's heroes. This year we laid 560 donated wreaths and added a candlelight service. We obtained permission, for the first time in memory, to have a lighted Christmas tree for the season. We want to expand the Wreaths Across America for 2014.
Established a military/veteran library room at Camp Nelson Honor Guard headquarters. Has a TV/computer setup, with Skype capabilities so active military families can use for communication with their loved ones.
Initiated, developed, hosted Flag Retirement Ceremonies with area American Legion, VFW, Boy Scout groups.
Needs Statement
Caisson Project: We got our caisson constructed, and nearly finished. Cost was over $8,000.
New Harness and tack                $ 10,000. approximate
including refurbishing seven antique McClellan style saddles/bridles sets which we presently own. Other packs and leathers need professional care,i including addition of missing straps etc. Grooming tools, cleaning supplies for hoof care and shampooing are on-going needs. 
Getting our circa 1885 Headquarters building paid for   $40,000
Providing stipends to offset expenses for personnel performing funeral services, taking care of the horses, maintenance of yard and paddocks at Headquarters.  We do not presently get to pay anyone for services performed.
Ideally, if we could have $100,000 a year, which would allow us to pay salary for a resident Guard Commander, a Clerical/Administrative person, an Equine Leader, and office expenses. We could then be on-site four and five days per week. Our goal is to offer more funeral service rites throughout the week and bring our present 60-80 services annually, to nearly 150 or more services annually with the horses/caisson/light artillery piece. Presently the Rifle Detail is doing nearly 300 funerals each year; we'd like to supplement what they do with the horses & equipment.
CEO/Executive Director Statement
Service Categories
Secondary Organization Category Arts,Culture & Humanities / Historical Organizations
Tertiary Organization Category Animal Related / Single Organization Support
Geographic Areas Served

Because we serve at a National Cemetery/National Shrine and, because it is in a "National Historic Landmark" we meet visitors during the course of our work who are from across the country.

Otherwise, we have visitors dropping by who are studying Civil War history, or doing genealogy or school work.  We have contacts with Nicholasville, Lexington, Georgetown, Stanford, Richmond and others in central Kentucky.

Board Chair
Board Chair Col. Tracy Eugene Lucas
Company Affiliation Commander
Term Jan 2012 to Jan 2016
Board Members
Mr. Michael Dinger Alternate CommanderVoting
Mrs. Patricia Mason Friend AdjutantVoting
Col. Tracy Eugene Lucas CommanderVoting
Mrs. Lisa Lucas TreasurerVoting
Mr. Jamie Svec VolunteerVoting
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 5
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 3
Female 2
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 2
Board Term Limits 4
Board Meeting Attendance % 85%
Written Board Selection Criteria? Under Development
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Under Development
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100%
Constituency Includes Client Representation No
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 12
Board Co-Chair
Board CoChair Mrs. Patricia Mason Friend
Company Affiliation Adjutant
Term Jan 2012 to Jan 2016
CEO Comments  

Camp Nelson National Cemetery is a quiet place most days. Its location near the rocky edges of the Palisade cliffs of the Kentucky River doesn’t lend itself to a place where homes or shopping centers can be built – the limestone landscape prevents that. For 150 years, not much activity has happened here, except that singly or a few at a time, nearly 15,000 people have been laid to rest here. A few times a year now, lots of people come for the day or a weekend stay, visiting those whom they have loved, and who are no longer with them. There are nice ceremonies each Memorial Day and Veterans Day that commemorate their service to our country.

For myself, having lived near here for many years, I am always drawn to the stories, both of the past and of the present-day, about how ordinary people have coped in extraordinary times.

As the Resident Guard we would, of course, like to have the finest of uniforms and the best looking harness, but until we can ‘upgrade’ somewhat, we continue.

Our equine unit is not a re-enactor group; they wear the Civil War Union uniform because that is what Camp Nelson was, a part of the US Union Army.  Our uniforms aren’t as new as we’d like. One of our horses is arthritic and will soon be retiring. But all is heart-felt, and the very best performance that can be made. It’s very fitting and suitable for this quiet national cemetery and national shrine.

It’s important to us to know what visiting honor guards think, and I know of no better endorsement for what our Camp Nelson Honor Guard does than the following, a hand-written letter to us by a member of the prestigious Wright Patterson, Ohio, active Air Force Honor Guard:

“To the members of American Legion Post Eight and the Camp Nelson Honor Guard members:

I want to thank the American Legion Post Eight and the Camp Nelson Honor Guard members personally for the performance on the seventeenth of February in honor of Airman Second Class Larry Frederick. All of the seventy-seven details that I had been a part of to this date are important to me. However, I would say that the one I performed on the seventeenth of February at Camp Nelson National Cemetery stands out.

I was particularly impressed by the caisson carrying the remains of Larry Frederick, the performers dressed in Civil War uniforms, the firing party, the cannon, and the riderless horse. After the ceremony I told my colleague, First Lieutenant DeLeon, who had only performed seven details before this date, that this was the most impressively executed performance that I have ever seen and that he should not expect to see one performed more impressively.

I have performed with American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and honor guards in the past and I am sure to do it again, but I believe that I will always remember the distinguished members of Post Eight and Camp Nelson Honor Guard for their performance. Thank you for your continued service to our nation and to our honored fallen heroes as they are laid to rest.

Very Respectfully,

First Lieutenant Alexander Rogers

Wright Patterson Air Force Base Honor Guard


So, we are the members of the Camp Nelson Honor Guard. For as many as we can, for as long as we can, we will continue to serve. Thank you.    Patti Mason Friend, Adjutant


CEO/Executive Director
Executive Director Colonel Tracy Eugene Lucas
Term Start Jan 2001
Served in US Army. Member of Sons of Union Veterans, Camp Nelson Heritage Park, Disabled American Veterans, American Legion Man O War Post 8, President Sons of American Legion, MOW8.
Attended training at Arlington National Cemetery to study military protocol of military funeral rites, using horses, artillery and rifle details.
Co-CEO Mrs. Patricia Mason Friend Adjutant
Term Start Jan 2009
Board Member, Ways & Means Chair for the Duncan Tavern, the Daughters of the American Revolution's State Headquarters in Paris, KY. Grant writer for and obtained $400,000+ of the $700,000+ five-year restoration of the Duncan Tavern. Seven year project.
Volunteer and first Main Street Director for the City of Nicholasville, establishing city with a "Silver" designation, wrote and received facade grant for $125,000 and laid the foundation for successors to complete the City of Nicholasville's streetscape project.
Charter member, ten year member, last three as Chair, of the Camp Nelson Heritage Park, Jessamine County, KY. Committee member for the $600,000 restoration of the 1855 Oliver Perry House. This county park of 525 acres is now one of the largest preserved Civil War sites. Only Perryville Battlefield, which is state-owned, is larger.
Worked at Proctor & Gamble, Admin. Assistant to Company's industrial psychologists, Staff Assistant to Division Manager, Manufacturing.
Farm and business owner. 
Full Time Staff 2
Part Time Staff 7
Volunteers 25
Contractors 0
Retention Rate 100%
Management Reports to Board? No
Staff Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 2
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 10
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0
Staff Demographics - Gender
Male 9
Female 3
Unspecified 0
Senior Staff
Title Head of Equine Unit
Experience/Biography Twenty-plus years experience with horses. Advanced rider; has carriage driving experience. Volunteers weekly at a Horses Helping Humans riding facility.  
Title Lt. Col. USAF, Ret.
Retired USAF Col., served in Vietnam, Cambodia; Desert Storm, central America drug wars. 24 years, 8 active duty, 16 reserve. Air Command & Staff College in residence, 23 years United Airlines, retired as 777 Captain. Two years Air India 777 Captain.
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CEO Formal Evaluation N/A
CEO/Executive Formal Evaluation Frequency N/A
Senior Management Formal Evaluation N/A
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Semi-Annually
NonManagement Formal Evaluation N/A
Non Management Formal Evaluation Frequency N/A

Performing enhanced military funeral rites, using military protocol. We provide a horse, or a pair of horses, a Caisson (a wagon/hearse), a riderless horse with boots inverted, and a light artillery piece. Additional support is provided by either a military (for active-duty), or a volunteer service organization (for retired personnel), who fire a three-volley salute. (formerly called a 21-gun salute.) The federal government provides two servicemen from the same branch of the military, who fold and present the flag to the family.

Across our country, believing that our veterans and military personnel deserve more, Veteran Service Organizations like American Legion and VFWs, perform rifle details. Camp Nelson Honor Guard, emulating Arlington and Fort Sam Houston, albeit at a more modest scale, bring an enhanced military tradition by bringing an equine unit. Members of CNHG have trained at Arlington. 

Budget 50000
Category Public, Society Benefit, General/Other Military & Veteran Affairs
Population Served US, ,

Horses form the basis for all that we do at the CNHG. We have used rescue, donated and on-loan horses since our inception.  Our work is proof that performance horses can retrain/repurpose beautifully. Because we have added a second, drivable caisson, more horses needed to be brought on. We needed a pair of trained harness horse geldings.To that end, in the fall of 2013, two standardbreds and a white Arabian gelding were donated. One standardbred is in training offsite; the second is calmer and ready to be started as the caisson horse. The Arabian will be the back-up for the present riderless horse. These have been performance horses - the two standardbreds came off the racetrack; the Arabian was a 35-50 mile endurance horse. Really great animals, retrained for a new life.

Our present caisson horse, while sound, has arthritis and will soon be retired to a cattle farm, where he already believes he is one of the cattle. Pretty Boy will be cared for lovingly, because he deserves to be. 
Budget 35000
Category Animal-Related, General/Other Animal Ownership
Population Served US, ,
Description A Hall Community Task Force allows us to draw attention to the tiny community of Hall, KY. While no part of this village and area are owned by the federal government, it is of such historical significance, the National Park Service has designated the area as a national "Network to Freedom" Underground Railroad" site. Much can be done with volunteers clearing county land there, planning events to learn about the Civil War and reconstruction history. The USCT (U S Colored Troops) formed and trained at Camp Nelson went on to ride into history as the "Buffalo Soldiers." We want to build scholarship about the area, including adding to the library now at Camp Nelson Honor Guard's headquarters. We would like to have workshops, and seminars to be hosted in the Hall church and eight acres of grounds. We have a task list, to help improve this historic community's appearance and quality of present-day life. We presently have contacts at four colleges who might be willing to bring college interns to study. 
Budget 25000
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Cultural Heritage
Population Served Blacks, African Heritage, ,

Our members are active and retired military personnel. The need is great to offer assistance, through these experienced military people, to active duty soldiers and veterans in our area. We have established links with Fort Knox, which is now an US Army Human Resources Center. The Camp Nelson Honor Guard want to use our Headquarters as a venue to host our active duty personnel.

Veterans Treatment Court - New national programs have begun to help veterans who are brought to court, called aVeterans Treatment Court. Fayette County has recently implemented such a court, to give veterans another avenue to turn their lives around. Camp Nelson Honor Guard would like to assist in this new program. 

Because of its central location in the state, CNHG is ideally located to serve as a host for ongoing seminars, workshops and classes not currently offered on the military significance of Camp Nelson, to further education and understanding of past of Kentucky's military participation.  
Budget 20000
Category Public, Society Benefit, General/Other Military & Veteran Affairs
Population Served US, Other Named Groups, US
Program Long term Success

As a Veterans Service Organization, Camp Nelson Honor Guard is in a unique position to aid veterans and military in central Kentucky, by acting as host for workshops, seminars and events that impact them in our area. Drawing on the combined military knowledge of officers and non-commissioned personnel in the vicinity, we can assist individuals who are struggling with issues in their lives. 

We can also act as liaison between retired personnel with what concerns them most.


Present-day American culture includes many who enjoy motorcycles. The wide-spread use of motorcycles began in Europe during the World wars, and afterwards servicemen and women continued to ride. Today there are approximately 100,000 motorcycles registered in Kentucky.

Many motorcyclists have come to Camp Nelson National Cemetery over the years: Kentucky Patriot Guard Riders, American Legion, Rolling Thunder, Task Force Omega, first responders, police, fire, first responders. They are respectful, patriotic men and women who are there to honor their friends' and families' service to their country.

CNHG was asked to explore the idea of having a custom-built funeral hearse trike, roadworthy, with qualified and trained riders, to extend this unique funeral service to those who want to conduct this type of public ceremony. It will be available across the state. KIAs and POWS will never be charged a fee. Veterans/military and other civilians a modest fee. We welcome your input and involvement. 
Budget 50000
Category None of the above
Population Served US, ,
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Whistleblower Policy Yes
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Fiscal Year Start Jan 01, 2015
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Program Expense--$29,801$10,999
Administration Expense--$7,300$5,274
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Currently in a Capital Campaign? Yes
Campaign Purpose To pay the mortgage and renovation of a circa 1883 house, that is used for the Honor Guard's Headquarters building. Additional funding would allow us to provide a horse barn, paddocks and other related materials. Trike Build - to get a funeral hearse trike built for use across the state of Kentucky.
Goal $50,000.00
Dates Mar 2014 to Jan 2015
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? Yes
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Address 215 Christopher Lane
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Primary Phone 859 312-7655
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CEO/Executive Director Colonel Tracy Eugene Lucas
Board Chair Col. Tracy Eugene Lucas
Board Chair Company Affiliation Commander