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Nonprofit Breaking Free Ministry Inc
Address PO Box 54391
Phone (859) 227-1221
Contact Name Jeanie Lemaster
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IRS Ruling Year 2016
Other ways to donate, support, or volunteer You can donate on my website: or facebook page or mailing or phone donations. We also take in-kind donations
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Mission Statement Our Mission is to provide resources to women, men and families affected by addiction to find freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ and provide shelter and counseling services.
Background Statement
 Breaking Free Ministry,Inc was birthed after I witnessed the struggle in my own family and with a friend's son. He wanted to go to a facility for help with his addiction. He had to wait many months, for financial resources, to go to the residential treatment facility. There was no safe place for him to wait to prevent him from walking back down that dark path of destruction. The wait was too long and heroin took his life in January 2016. My hope is to be the hands and feet of Jesus and provide resources to others bound by addiction, depression, anxiety and destructive cycles which can be broken by transforming lives through the love of Jesus Christ.
We received our 501c tax exempt status in May, 2016.

We believe we serve a gap in care that can transform lives and provide the resources necessary to help these women and men.Individual empowerment and self-determination have always been strong components of the organization. The organization was conceived and organized to address the emotional, economic, and recovery needs of individuals affected by addiction and to assist in the successful transition to life in a positive environment. Our mission is accomplished by addressing the critical issues of education, physical health, and personal development through programs and services that exercise high standards of ethics, coupled with best practices in management and accountability. We are dedicated to helping each person reach their individual potential by providing high quality, life-extending care and demonstrating passionate commitment to excellence.
Impact Statement
1-Community Awareness- reaching out to all walks of life and sharing our stories of how addiction affects all of us: sons, daughters, parents, children, grandchildren and friends.

2- Holistic Detox centers - will provide a 30 day detox program that has two components: Initial Entry and Detox Recovery.

3-Safe Crisis Homes -homes where those suffering from substance abuse and addiction, human trafficking, sex industry, and homelessness can reside while waiting for placement into treatment centers. Our goal is to keep them safe from returning to the streets and begin their journey to recovery.
We want to take our Holistic Detox Centers and safe Crisis Homes to city to city to provide a supplement to treatment to treatment centers.
Needs Statement Breaking Free Ministry, Inc began in vision in January 2016 and we submitted our 501c non profit in May and received our status in 501(c) tax exempt status the end of May. At the end of July 2016, we were privledged to be given a home to begin a Holistic Detox Center for Women which opens the end of October 2016. This facility  will house 6-7 women for the 30 day Detox Program. We have been provided, beds, furniture, and willing volunteers who have the desire to serve these women. We have a nutritionist and counselors who will be volunteering on site to help these women once a week to help coach and teach life skills to the women. Our vision is to provide a safe crisis home for women in the area until they can get into treatment program. We are in need of funding to purchase property that is available to house an additional 6-10 women and they can begin their healing.

Breaking Free's vision is to grow and provide more beds and a place for women and men  in Lexington, Ky, Garrard County and in Richmond, Ky for Holistic Detox and Safe crisis home. 

A current goal is financial funding to keep our doors open for our current property. The cost to run the home is $11,000 a month to be able to provide the safety, and necessities needed to help these women heal and grow into the women of purpose and healing. 

Another current goal we have is scholarships. The cost of the 30 day Holistic Detox program is $5,000. We need donors to provide scholarships for those who cannot afford treatment.

By December 2016 our goal is to have served 10-12 women in the Detox program.

Currently, the three integral components of our strategic plan are:
1- Financial Assistance- $50,000 to complete our goals for this year
2- Acquisition/donation of property to house women and men for holistic detox centers and safe crisis homes.
3- Volunteers for women and men
CEO/Executive Director Statement Breaking Free Ministry,Inc  is unique in its approach to substance abuse and addiction. Our goals are to provide Holistic Detox Centers for Women and Men and also provide crisis safe homes for both women and men so that they can have a safe place to stay.We believe we serve the gap and help women and men remain safe while waiting for treatment.
Geographic Areas Served
Boyle County
Clark County
Fayette County
Garrard County
Jessamine County
Madison County
Mercer County
We look to serve different cities across Kentucky and take our programs from city to city
Board Chair
Board Chair Kenneth Scott Lemaster
Company Affiliation Co-Founder
Board Members
Mr. Brent Ireland The Kingdom CenterVoting
Mr. Kenneth Scott Lemaster Co-FounderVoting
Mrs. Jeanie Lemaster Co-FounderVoting
Mrs. Gwin Minter community VolunteerVoting
Mr. Cameron Minter community VolunteerVoting
Mr. Jamie Strunck Community VolunteerVoting
Ms. Carla Strunck Co-FounderVoting
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 2
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 5
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 4
Female 3
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 1
Board Term Limits 3
Board Meeting Attendance % 86%
Written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 58%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 75%
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 4
Board Co-Chair
Board CoChair Carla Strunck
Company Affiliation Co- Founder
CEO Comments We are a new non-profit and have not yet completed a full year. We look forward to what the rest of this year will bring as we bring resources to our communities.
CEO/Executive Director
Executive Director Mrs. Jeanie Lemaster
Term Start Mar 2016
Experience I am a nurse of 29 years and have been a Board member of Non-profit organizations in the past.
Full Time Staff 0
Part Time Staff 0
Volunteers 15
Contractors 0
Retention Rate 0%
Staff Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 4
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 11
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 0
Staff Demographics - Gender
Male 0
Female 15
Unspecified 0
Description The Holistic Detox Program will be a 30 day program with two components of Initial Entry and Detox Recovery for the rest of the 30 day program to include inner healing, counseling and life skills. Once they complete the Detox Program they can enter the 4-month Treatment program of inner healing, life skills and foundation concepts in their self, life and finances. After the 4-month treatment program, they will move into a 3-month transitional program designed to begin a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Our other goal for our women's Mod
Budget 11000 per month
Category Public, Society Benefit, General/Other Public, Society Benefit, General/Other
Population Served Alcohol, Drug, Substance Abusers, Adults,
Program Short Term Success By the end of the program, women and men will be ready to receive a long treatment program to include continued counseling,  life skills, financial goals, education goals.
Program Long term Success Our ultimate change is to provide inner healing and life skills and counseling to keep women and men healthy with life skills to manage their life.
Program Success Monitored By Women and men will enter into treatment facilities.
Description Safe Crisis Homes -homes where those suffering from substance abuse and addiction, human trafficking, sex industry, and homelessness can reside while waiting for placement into treatment centers. Our goal is to keep them safe from returning to the streets and begin their journey to recovery.
Budget 15000 per month
Category Housing, General/Other Crisis Shelter
Population Served Alcohol, Drug, Substance Abusers, Adults,
Plans & Policies
Organization has a Fundraising Plan? Yes
Organization has a Strategic Plan?
Management Succession Plan? Under Development
Organization Policy and Procedures Under Development
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes
We work with city officials and churches and other non- profit organizations.
Government Licenses
Is your organization licensed by the Government? No
Revenue vs Expenses - All Years
Expense Breakdown - Recent Year
Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Start Jan 01, 2016
Fiscal Year End Dec 31, 2016
Projected Revenue $150,000.00
Projected Expenses $124,000.00
Detailed Financials
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
State Registration Yes
Foundation Staff Comments This organization received its 501c3 status in 2016 so does not yet have a full year of financials.
Address PO Box 54391
Primary Phone 859 227-1221
Contact Email
CEO/Executive Director Mrs. Jeanie Lemaster
Board Chair Kenneth Scott Lemaster
Board Chair Company Affiliation Co-Founder