Request to Create a Nonprofit Profile

Creating Your Portrait

Thank you for your interest in creating a portrait for your organization - we look forward to working with you. Organizations in must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a public nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status
  • Serve Kentucky
  • File an IRS Form 990*

*If you are not required to file an IRS Form 990 or if you file the 990N, contact the Community Foundation to discuss what financial information you will be asked to provide.


Please email the following information and documents:

  1. Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  2. Organization Name
  3. Contact Person
  4. Phone
  5. Email Address
  6. Mailing Address
  7. City/State/Zip
  8. Website
  9. IRS 501(c)(3) letter of nonprofit determination


  • is an online self-entry process. You will enter information about your organization's programs, needs, board, history, etc. Blue Grass Community Foundation will verify and enter portions of the financial information. In order to complete the financial section, we will request 990s or audited financial statements from the previous three years.
  • coaches are available to support you throughout the portrait process. Generally, we require that you complete your portrait with 30 days of receiving a request. Profiles can take up to 4-6- hours of staff time. Workshops and one-on-one trainings are available to familiarize you with the system. Currently workshops are scheduled through the Blue Grass Community Foundation office. Contact BGCF if you are interested in receiving assistance completing your profile.

Note that a profile must be complete and reviewed by the Community Foundation before it is made viewable to the public. Once a profile is created, it may be updated as often as desired, with a minimum requirement of once a year to maintain Foundation Reviewed status.

THANK YOU! is thankful to local nonprofits for your work and your willingness to provide information to our community. We hope that can support your efforts and connect your organization to new donors.


If you have questions please call Barbara Fischer at Blue Grass Community Foundation at 859.225.3343.